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The Uber-ification of everything is upon us. We live in an on-demand era where we can get ANYTHING on-demand. Cars, groceries, take out, marijuana, nothing can’t be delivered. This includes healthcare.

The practice of doctors making outpatient calls had all but died up until now. But with society expecting everything to come to them with the press of a button, the practice of doctors making house-calls is making a comeback.

We are now seeing more urgent care related services being offered on-demand. Let’s take a look at what companies are servicing this emerging market and what services they can offer you in the comfort of your own home.


Heal is a app that sends a doctor to your door for just $99. That’s a flat rate and isn’t contingent on the time of your visit. If your insurance is in-network, you only have to pay your normal co-pay.

Heal is best used for ailments like a cough, sore throat, flu, headaches, rash, ear infections, sports injuries, and stomach pain.  Whether you’re sick or just need a check up, Heal is an option to get a doctor to your door in a short amount of time.

Heal is currently available in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco.

Doctor on Demand

This startup has the star power of Dr. Phil behind it. He’s a co-founder of this on-demand healthcare app. Doctor on Demand is different than Heal and other on-demand healthcare options because it offers board-certified physicians through a video visit.

Instead of having a doctor come straight to your door, you can have a chat with a doctor through the app. This keeps costs down, which is why DoD pricing starts at $40 a visit. They offer physicians, psychologists, and lactation experts.

Often times, you just need to talk to a doctor. But often times we don’t because of the time and hassle it is to set up a simple appointment. Doctor on Demand is an affordable option to speak to a doctor without having to deal with all the extra hassles of an actual doctor visit.


Pager is similar to Heal, it’s an on-demand app for medical services. The company is located in New York and offers a network of board-certified doctors on-demand from 8am-10pm to residents in NYC and San Francisco.

Pager visits start at $50 and work with most health plans. In addition to a doctor’s visit, Pager can deliver prescriptions upon request.

Circle Medical

Circle Medical is primary health care provider that comes directly to you. They offer most treatments you might get during your annual checkup, but don’t currently support gynecological or pediatric services. Circle Medical is currently available only in San Francisco.

With Circle Medical you can have a primary physician you see on a regular basis. If your needs are immediate they will match you with the best doctor available.

Using Circle Medical is simple. Just scan your insurance card, pick your time/location, and see your doctor. If you don’t have insurance, a visit costs a flat $200.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles

Not all on-demand healthcare options are a part of an app that’s looking to scale nationwide. House Call Doctor is a LA-based doctor offering concierge medical services. Similar to the fictional HankMed of Royal Pains.

House Call Doctor LA is the practice of Dr. Michael Farzam. He’s available 24/7 to his LA patients. Since it’s a single doctor (and in LA) getting to your door within an hour is difficult. But you can book Dr. Farzam and have him at your doorstep within a few hours.

As you can tell, this is an emerging market. It’s not quite mature enough that it’s ubiquitous. But in select areas (SF/LA/NYC) it’s becoming a more viable option of urgent care. This is an extremely interesting industry to keep an eye on as technology disrupts the healthcare industry.

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