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1800health.com is not a health insurer or agency. 1800health.com is a referral service that connects website visitors with local agents.

Health Insurance agents must apply to become a member of the 1800HEALTH.com® program, which involves completing detailed applications and passing our rigorous screening process. Our Quality Assurance department is dedicated to the initial screening and continued monitoring of member agents, which includes, but is not limited to:

Verifying that member Health Insurance Licenses are current and in good standing, not currently subject to disciplinary action, and carry malpractice insurance Requiring certification for any claimed specialty or service.

Maintaining detailed health information, including school attended, services offered, office hours and more validating claims of product knowledge features such as the plan coverage or health industry knowledge on health benefits as an ongoing basis to assure the highest level of satisfaction and product recommendation.

Once health insurance agents pass our screening requirements they pay a membership fee, which may be either a flat monthly rate or on a per-lead basis. If any member fails to uphold our high standards (based on the criteria above or feedback from the consumers we match with their practice), they may be removed from the service.

Consumers who call us or visit our website are asked to provide information including their location, dental need, insurance and preferred payment method. Based on these factors, 1800HEALTH.com searches for a member agent who matches these needs, recommends the health plan and, whenever possible, directly connects callers to the carrier’s or health medical group’s representative so they can make an appointment.

Find the Best Health Insurance Agents Online at 1800health.com. Your Local and Personalized Health Insurance Agent Is a Click Away!

There’s no better place to find a more personalized and local health insurance agent online than 1800health.com. Whether you’re looking for affordable health plans, custom health coverage, premium health plan coverage, family or group health care plans, Medicare plans or just the best health plans available to your local area, we have the most highly qualified health insurance agents in your area. We find the best agents by fully verifying health insurance agents with background checks and verifying their health certifications licensed status. Get peace of mind and know that the best and most experienced health insurance agents cover you and your family around your local area from 1800health.com.

Quick Response and Great Customer Service
Our customer service team is standing by to help you with helping you find the best health insurance agent in your local area. Whether you’re just looking to shop for health plan options, compare prices or get health coverage advice, a qualified agent is here for you. If you have questions, our team has answers! Just call 1-844-855-HEALTH or fill out our online form to have someone contact you immediately. We will help you find and choose the perfect health plan coverage for you or for your wife, husband, kids, grandparents, or for a friend.

Finding the best health insurance is not easy.
With 1800health.com you’re not alone. From too many health options to complicated deductibles we understand your frustration. Choosing the right health insurance should not be complicated. Spend less time reading mountains of paperwork – get the best advice from our experienced and certified health insurance professional agent today.

Get same-day response time when you fill out our quick and easy form TODAY. We’re available every day and all seasons: spring, winter, summer and fall. All you have to do is follow the simple and easy to use online form here. For elderly and senior plans, we have agents that specialize in senior health plan needs. Let our team of experienced Senior Health Advisors assist you at 1-844-855-HEALTH.

Call or Contact Us via our Quick and Easy Online Form
We’re available for to answer all your health questions. Get the best advice when shopping for health care plans. Don’t wait for accidents or emergencies to happen only to find out you’re not covered by your health plan. Sleep well and know that you’re getting the best health care coverage for you and your family. Don’t wait for Open Enrollment to learn about your health plan options. You can switch health plans anytime. With an experienced health insurance professional, you’ll get personalized and unbiased opinions for your specific health needs. Talk to a real person today! We’re your source for helping you choose painless health plans.

Find Health Insurance Agents Locally
We help individuals find the best health insurance agent across Southern California. If you want to talk or meet a real healthcare professional, trust us to find you the best local agent. Because of our partnerships with local health agencies and individual agents, we are able to ensure that every agent you talk to has been screened with the highest health industry requirements for quality advice. Our agents are fully vetted by other health professionals with decades of experience.

Trusted Health Insurance Agents Guaranteed Since 1996, our founding team at 1800health.com, have been helping individuals choose the best healthcare coverage for more than 30 years. When we founded 1800health.com to become the industry’s leading destination site to connect individuals looking for health insurance, our mission was to think that people should come first not machines. By helping connect health insurance agents with individuals looking for health insurance plans, we are creating jobs in the United States. We’re creating health professional careers for people who are passionate about helping people find the best health plans. We support a strong America and to do that we focus on finding the best local health insurance agents one city at a time.

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